Fastest iPhone Screen Replacement in Charlotte

Almost everyone has either broken their iPhone screen at one point in their life, or at least known a clumsy person that is constantly dropping their phone and cracking the screen. We’ve tailored our repair service so even the clumsiest Charlotte area Apple user can get their phone fixed quickly and without breaking the bank. Our technicians can replace the front screen of a cracked iPhone 5/5S/5C and 6 series phone in under an hour.

No need to wait days or weeks for a new phone to arrive from Apple or your carrier – going phone-less can be a daunting task – go grab a bite to eat and we’ll have your cracked LCD screen fixed when you get back.

Broken Phone Screen Diagnosis

Not sure why your phone isn’t working? We pride ourselves on transparent, honest pricing and free diagnosis so bring your phone by and we can usually tell you what’s wrong If your screen isn’t overtly damaged, but you can’t see anything, this may be an interior issue with the connections between the charging port and the logic board. In this case, the entire display can be replaced in the same time frame with a high quality OEM replacement part which is of course backed by our standard warranty.

Fix Your iPhone Screen Right The First Time

When people break their screens it is often out of nowhere, and the annoyance of the inconvenience can usually drive people to seek out really inexpensive repair options. We cannot recommend these at all, as often they are using sub-par replacement screens and lead to more problems down the road then what you are willing to deal with. Cheaper screens are often just older broken units that have been repaired and re-used which is far from ideal. The glass overlay on these tends to break MUCH easier, and overall the corners cut to save $10-20 may not be worth the annoyance of having to fix your screen again down the road.