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Charlotte, NC 28211

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Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM

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Current Glass+LCD Replacement Pricing

  • Samsung S7 Glass – $249

  • Samsung S7 Edge Glass+LCD – $329

  • Samsung S6 Glass – $249

  • Samsung S6 Edge/Edge+ – $279

  • Samsung Galaxy S5/S5 Active – $199

  • Samsung Galaxy S4/S4 Active – $129 ($149 Glass+LCD)

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 – $109

  • Samsung Mega 1/2 – $129.99

Not everyone has an iPhone, and with Samsung tight on the heels of Apple for their majority share of the smartphone market, Samsung has been aggressively releasing competitive handsets that rival their competitors and offer more flexbility for the users that prefer the Android-based OS. When it comes to fixing your cracked screen, there are two different components. The glass overlay can be fixed separate from the LCD which is underneath.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 LCD & Glass Repair

The S7 and the S7 Edge is Samsung’s newest Android phone release in 2016 and considered a direct competitor to Apple’s newest release, the iPhone 7. The screen is one of the most pricey to replace, however this isn’t due to market conditions more than price inflation by the local repair shop. High quality glass and LCD components cost much more when the device is newer and there are less suppliers and demand so prices are quite a bit higher. Currently, Samsung is charging over $300 for a repair that takes upwards of two weeks to complete. While our repair process is a bit more expensive, the repair can be completed the same day and restores your device with high quality OEM glass and LCD parts which won’t break the next time your phone slips out of your pocket.