Charlotte Same Day iPad Repairs

We gladly offer the fastest and most affordable iPad and tablet repair in Charlotte, Gastonia and the surrounding areas. If you’ve got a broken iPad screen, poor battery life or an unresponsive home or power button don’t give up on your beloved iPad yet – we can get it fixed!



  • iPad 2 Glass $89

  • iPad 3 & 4 glass  $99

  • iPad Air glass $99

  • iPad Mini 1 & 2 glass  $99

  • iPad Mini 3 Glass $149

  • iPad Air 2 Glass+LCD  $199



 2935 Providence Road, Suite 207

Charlotte, NC 28211

(704) 727-4694

Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM

Saturday 9AM -3PM

Affordable & Professional iPad Glass Replacement

Whether your tablet is cracked or fully smashed, we won’t ask how it happened – but we will get it fixed, and fixed fast. In either case, the full front display will have to be replaced. This is the most cost-effective and ‘safe’ way to repair an iPad screen and can often be accomplished within a few hours. From our experience, attempts to remove and replace the glass alone usually results in breaking the underlying LCD due to it’s delicate nature. For this reason, no matter the severity of your crack or smash we’ll always fix the entire front display.