iPhone 5S/5C Screen Repair in Charlotte, NC

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Most Apple users in the Charlotte area are now proudly carrying around the upgraded iPhone 5S and 5C devices in their pockets and using them almost hourly for social media, email and just generally keeping in touch with their relatives and friends. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean they are safe from clumsy mistakes like dropping your iPhone and cracking the screen when hurrying to work, or even worse – jumping in the pool with your cell phone in your swim trunks. In either case, we have a specific process for getting you and your phone reunited, working and on the same page again and we’re proud to say it’s the fastest and most convenient in Charlotte and the surrounding counties.

iPhone 5S/5C Broken Screen Repairs

The process for fixing a broken screen through us is extremely straightforward. Make an appointment online or bring your broken iPhone into out centrally located Charlotte, NC shop and one of our friendly technicians can take an extensive look at your phone. We’ll test all other functions and then let you know what we can do to get everything fixed. In some cases while you think you might have just cracked the screen your audio receiver or motion sensor might need to be replaced or adjust as well. We’re a full service cell phone repair option serving both Android and Apple devices so we can fix most of these issues within 24 hours.

iPhone 5S/5C Water Damage

For those of you wondering how to get your water damaged iPhone back to life, we most likely have a solution for that as well. While it might have not as straight forward or fast as fixing a cracked or broken LCD screen. Moisture, once it gets into your device and remains un-addressed can do fatal damage to the smaller components and make your iPhone basically unusable. For this reason we highly suggest you keep your iPhone 5S turned off as soon as you dry it off and try to keep it off as much as possible. Turning it on and off repeatedly severely increases the chance you’ll short circuit the logic board and totally ruin your phone. Bringing it into our shop gives us the opportunity to clean out the corrosion and moisture from the inside of the phone and replace any permanently damaged parts.

Cracked iPhone Screen Replacement Done Fast!

Smartphones have become so accessible and prevalent that almost everyone you know probably has an iPhone or Android device in their pockets at all times. The other side of this is the fact that almost everyone has broken their iPhone at one point or another and due to the dependence on these devices for work and communication getting a fast cell phone repair service, and especially iPhone repair service in Charlotte has been incredibly important. The average annual cost of an iPhone, between the service and the actual hardware itself is upwards of $2,500 so you’ll definitely want to maximize its lifespan and squeeze the most juice out of it you can. Here are some common problems Charlotte Apple users are encountering and how the professional technicians at iPhoneRepairCharlotteNC.net can make them disappear.

Fastest iPhone Screen Repair in Charlotte, NC

Cracked screens on all models and generations of iPhone and iPad’s are so common it actually might shock you. So many people drop and break their screens and the demand for on the spot, expedited repair services people can trust to get their devices fixed without worrying about further problems. Our technicians have extensive experience replacing smashed LCD screens and digitizers and can get this type of repair done the same day in almost all cases. We should be clear that using third party services to fix your broken iPhone does infact void your existing Apple warranty so in certain cases it may be worth it to take it directly to them for a replacement. For those Charlotte customers though that have an older phone and whose warranty has already expired our phone screen repair services are ideal. We use high quality components that won’t break due to a minor fall and we back up all our parts and service with a 30 day warranty.

Other common issues we see through the doors of our Charlotte, NC location include battery replacements, unresponsive devices and yes, even water damage. When it comes to the iPhone, it appears almost anything but damage to the main motherboard can be fixed so it is rarely the case that we are totally giving up on clients devices.

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Easy iPhone Issues We Can Fix For You

The most obvious reason people bring their iPhone’s to us is that they’ve dropped the phone and broke the screen. Usually it’s cracked, smashed or simply unresponsive due to a sudden fall and we can certainly fix these broken LCD screens the same day. However many people may not realize there are a plethora of other hardware issues that can pop up, especially with older generation devices. Apple Care warranties were introduced to deal with these small issues, but many Charlotte users may find they are not qualified due to having an iPhone 4S or 5. Are you simply being up sold on a more expensive device on an equally more expensive monthly plan? Do you just want your phone back? We can probably help. Below are the other problems we can fix and that if you’re experiencing you shouldn’t abandon your phone for.

Poor iPhone 5 Battery Life

Even if you take 100% care of your iPhone, in a year or two you can likely expect the battery duration to dwindle and eventually not last the entire day. Especially with the massive amount of games and social media apps finding a solution to getting your otherwise perfect phone through the day is important to say the least. So you can either continue carrying chargers and cables through the day like your stuck in some foreign country or fess up and admit you need a new battery. In our eyes, this is much easier and more affordable since we can replace iPhone 4S and 5C batteries for as little as $40 and on top of that the repair itself takes about 20 minutes. So go grab lunch and we’ll have your frustrating batteries problem solved in no time!

Home / Power Button Failure

Our Charlotte iPhone repair technicians are familiar with all the commonly occurring ‘wear and tear’ issues and these include, in addition to the battery problems,  unresponsive buttons such as the home, power and even the side volume knobs. Apple is notorious for shrugging these off, but our Charlotte cell phone repair shops deals with these almost daily and we can assure you they are very fixable. The repair itself can take one hour in most cases and does require a steady hand and the ability to keep track of small screws so definitely do not attempt it yourself. Saving $10 doing it yourself is not a good idea when it could mean messing up your phone. Bring it to us and we can get the repair done in our Charlotte repair shop using high quality OEM replacement parts.

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