iPhone Battery Replacement Made Easy

One of the most common problems almost every iPhone user will run into is a weak or totally defunct battery. Unfortunately Apple does basically nothing to help you solve this problem other than encouraging you to buy a new device. The truth is that over time due to the type of batteries used in the manufacturing process (lithium-ion to be specific) will naturally degrade heavily and lose their ‘juice’ faster.

We Can Help! iPhone 4/5 Battery Installation

A quick search online will yield tons of resources when it comes to improving your battery life via software ‘hacks’ and settings that can be optimized. However, at a certain point the hardware itself needs to be removed, and a new battery installed by an experienced technician that has the tools and knowledge necessary to get the job done without damaging other parts of the phone. Similar to a full iPhone screen replacement, if you try to ‘wing it’, this repair can end up doing immeasurable damage to your phone. So our recommendation is to bring it into our Charlotte area shop at your earliest convenience and one of our friendly technicians can take a look.




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