There is no need to keep messing around with a broken or cracked iPhone screen – we offer the most convenient and affordable iPhone, iPad and Android device repair in the Charlotte area and pride ourselves in keeping our prices competitive and not compromising on quality or service. From small cosmetic cracks to catastrophic water damage issues, we’ve solved them all and would love to help you get your device up and running again.

We can get most common repairs done the same day, or even in a few hours depending on how busy we are with other customers. If you are coming from out of town and need it done faster, feel free to give us a call and inquire about our expedited service.


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Fast, Friendly Service

We know customer service matters. We’re the friendliest smartphone repair company in Charlotte and get repairs done fast!

Expedited Service

Get your iPhone back in an hour or less with our convenient expedited service. Come into our shop, we’re here to solve your iPhone and iPad problems!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We use the highest quality parts available on the market for all iPhone and iPad models and stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty that covers our service and parts.


Everyone has likely been in the same position or known someone who has been – a broken or cracked iPhone or iPad screen your scared to take into the Apple Store because you or they are scared of the replacement cost. The solution to this is surprisingly simple – quality affordable third party iPhone repair options can be a quick solution that is much better than buying a brand new phone simply because of cosmetic scratches or dents.

Apple has a policy of not repairing individual components such as a cracked screen or even batteries (which are arguably the easiest to replace or repair) however OEM replacement components are available on the market and can be installed at a competitive rate the same day to get you up and running without breaking the bank.

Cracked, scratched and even smashed screens are so common, we have several technicians on hand that can get a typical iPhone 4S or even 5/5S screen replaced in under an hour. Got some errands? Go get groceries, grab a coffee, or whatever needs to be done and come back to a brand new OEM quality replacement screen backed by a comprehensive warranty.


Replacing the battery, cracked front screen or even charging issues are not hard to do but diagnosing moisture or water damage is definitely a tricky situation. There are numerous ways in which even a bit of condensation can mess up your phone whether it gets below the glass, corrodes the motherboard or even touches your battery it can be actually fatal. Our process includes opening up your iPhone and cleaning the inside with a special alcohol solution to stop any corrosion from taking hold. The moment you realize your device might have some water damage, we’d recommend turning it off, not turning it on again and bringing it to us. This will ensure the highest level of success with avoiding corrosion and getting the internal water out of there. Normally we see the battery or screen needs to be replaced which is not a big problem and can be done within an hour or so.

Many people will have an issue with their device holding a charge for prolonged periods, or even just one day. If you are plugging in your cell phone, only to find out you have 10% of your normal battery life left end the frustration and bring your iPhone to us. In most cases this is simply a battery or charging port issue and can be fixed the same day. iPhone 5 batteries are well known for not lasting much more than 12 to 16 months, and replacing the original battery is a very affordable alternative to keeping your iPhone alive and well.